Friday, March 24, 2006


Led Zeppelin I (1968):

Led Zeppelin II (1969):

Led Zeppelin III (1970):

Led Zeppelin IV (1971):

Houses Of The Holy (1973):

Physical Graffiti (1975):

Presence (1976):

The Song Remains The Same (live, 1976):

In Through The Out Door (1979):

CODA (1982):

Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions:
Disco 1:
Disco 2:

How The West Was Won

Led.Zeppelin 1970 Live at Royal Albert Hall

Great White - Great Zeppelin A Tribute To Led Zeppelin

Metal tribute to Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Live Aid 1985

Led Zeppelin- Live in London

Led Zeppelin - Kamhir - Symphonic music of Led Zeppelin

John Bohan: Bohan-Dream outtakes

Jimmy Page: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant-Walking Into clarksdale

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Live At The Greek

Robert Plant: Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation - Mighty Rearranger

Robert Plant - Dreamland

Robert Plant-Now and Zen

Led Zeppelin Cabala

Disc One
01- I’m Confused
02- Train Kept A Rollin’
03- She Just Satisfies
04- Keep Movin’
05- You Better Run
06- Everybody’s Gonna Say
07- Our Song
08- Long Time Coming
09- I’ve Got A Secret
10- Goodnight Sweet Josephine
11- Think About It
12- Hey Hey What Can I Do
13- Psychodasies
14- Happenings Ten Years Times Ago
15- Stroll On
16- My Babe Left Me
17- A Certain Girl
18- Leave My Kitten Alone
19- Surprise Surprise
20- How Do You Feel
21- Jim’s Blues
22- Traveling Riverside Blues
23- You Shook Me
24- The Girl I Love

Disc Two
01- Whole Lotta Love
02- Something Else
03- You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover (Killing Floor)
04- Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
05- Pat’s Delight
06- How Many More Times Jam
07- Communication Breakdown
08- As Long As I Have You Jam

Disc Three
01- Organ Solo/Thank You
02- Bring It On Home
03- Friends
04- Friends
05- That’s The Way
06- Friends
07- Hey Hey What Can I Do
08- Instrumental Jam
09- Immigrant Song
10- Heartbreaker
11- Black Dog
12- Stairway to Heaven
13- Goin’ To California

Disc Four
01- That’s The Way
02- What Is and What Should Never Be
03- That’s the Way
04- Blues Medley
05- Since I’ve Been Loving You
06- That’s the Way
07- Blues Medley
08- Since I’ve Been Loving You
09- No Quarter instrumental rehearsal
10- No Quarter
11- Dazed and Confused
12- Celebration Day

Disc Five
01- Whole Lotta Love
02- Dancing Days
03- The Song Remains The Same
04- Rain Song
05- The Light Bearer
06- Take Two
07- Take Three
08- Take Four
09- Take Five
10- Take Six
11- Take Seven
12- Take Eight

Led Zeppelin 1st day - Knebworth
Led ZeppelinKnebworth Festival,
Stevenage, UKThanks For Eleven YearsMATRIX04/08/1979

2.The Song Remains the Same
3.Celebration Day
4.Black Dog
5. Nobody's Fault But Mine
6.Over the Hills And Far Away
8.Since I've Been Loving You 7.Misty Mountain Hop
9. No Quarter

Disco 2
1.10 Years Gone
2. Hot Dog
3. The Rain Song
4. White Summer
5. Black Mountain Side
6. Kashmir
7. Trampled Underfoot
8. Sick Again
9. Achilles Last Stand

Disco 3
1. Guitar Solo
2. In The Evening
3. Stairway to Heaven
4. Rock and Roll
5. Whole Lotta Love
6. Heartbreaker

Led Zeppelin Collection
Part 1 (113 MB)
Led Zeppelin – 1969 –
Plays pure blues (full album) Led Zeppelin –
A Foggy Day in Vietnam (rare) Led Zeppelin –
Fillmore West – 04-24-69 –
Complete Show


Anonymous Anonymous said...

massa,acertou na mosca,valeu

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Precisa ser melhor atualizado...
Nao deu pra pegar nada
ta frakinho !!!

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Na discografia do led zeppelin, ta faltando alguma coisa...

Tem o albúm "Zooma" do J.P.Jones, que se trata de um instrumental incrível, com magníficas linhas de baixo.

E um que ainda não tenho, mas ja ouvi uma parte, que é o "Unledded" ou no quarter, que é o album do MTV unplugged de Page e Plant.

Acho que é isso... de qualquer forma, parabéns pelo post


4:07 PM  
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