Monday, April 17, 2006


Estou postando aqui alguns shows em mp3 dessa "Diva"

The girlie show - live Australia

01. intro
02. erotica
03. fever
04. vogue
05. rain
06. express yourself
07. deeper and deeper
08. why its so hard
09. in this life
10. the beast within
11. like a virgin
12. bye bye baby
13. i'm going bananas
14. la isla bonita
15. holiday
16. justify my love
17. everybody is a star/everybody

Who's That girl Tour - Live in Italy

01. Open your heart
02. lucky star
03. true blue
04. papa dont preach
05. white heat
06. causing a commotion
07. the look of love
08. medley
09. wheres the party
10. live to tell
11. into the groove
12. la isla bonita
13. whos that girl
14. holiday


01. Grammy - 1999 Nothing Really Matters (mp3) 02. Grammy 2001 - Music
03. David Letterman Show - Don't Tell Me (acoustic)
04. VH1 - The Power Of Goodbye
05. Show - Little Star


01. Vogue
02. Don't Tell Me
03. Beautiful Stranger
04. American Life
05. Hung Up
06. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
07. You Must Love Me
08. Secret
09. Erotica
10. Fever
11. The Best Within
12. Frozen
13. Holywood
14. Erotica(vers.2)
15. Nothing Really Matters
16. Sorry Skin


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