Thursday, April 06, 2006



2005 Estudando o Pagode

01 - ave dor maria
02 - estúpido rapaz
03 - proposta de amor
04 - quero pensar
05 - mulher navio negreiro
06 - pagode enredo dos tempos do medo
07 - cançao de nora
08 - o amor é um rock
09 - duas opinioes
10 - elaeu
11 - vibraçao da carne
12 - pra la do para
13 - prazer carnal
14 - teatro
15 - a volta do trem das onze
16 - beatles a granel2000 JOGOS DE ARMAR

1970 TOM ZÉ





Com Defeito de Fabricação1998


Anonymous denise said...

putz, o Hips of Tradition e o Se o Caso é Chorar já expirou o link... que pena....

estou baixando o todos os olhos...

nossa, teu blog é FENOMENAL, parabééééns!!!!


6:43 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Lucky said...

Hello! I don't speak portugese, so here in english, sorry: Tom Zé is my all-time favrorite brasilian musician! He's so wacky and witty, although I don't understand a word from the lyrics - the music and sound alone are uncomparable to any other living musician. It is a pitty that someone like Tom has to be re-charged by someone like David Byrne - but nonetheless, he named his car after Byrne: the second chance to do what he can! Tom Zé, you're a magician, and Jackson do Pandeiro would've been very proud of you!

Josué Emidio Alves, thank you for your wonderful work. "Dona Divergência" of "Imprensa Cantada" is missing - But the rest is all there and really beautiful! The same with the Chico Buarque recordings - Musica Popular Brasileiro has so much to offer - just think of all the names: Jackson do Pandeiro, Luiz Gonzaga, Paulo Moura, Sivuca, Luiz Melodia - this are my brasilian heroes!!!

Love and happiness to Brasil - and you'll be world champions 2006 in football, too!!

10:49 AM  
Blogger dugabowski said...

Os links já eram... todos!

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The links break down... so bad...
I love Tom Zé...


11:51 PM  
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